Pipa is just over two hours car ride south of Natal airport

Like the majority of coastal villages, its economy is based on fishing and tourism. There are many activities to enjoy in Pipa: surfing, boat and buggy trips, fishing, excursions… just ask at the Serhs Villas da Pipa Hotel reception to book any one of them.

The area is famous for its natural beaches, considered the most beautiful in the country. They are surrounded by white sand dunes, between which natural pools form as the tide recedes behind the reefs, which provide a protective barrier, making the waters peaceful and safe, both for adults and for children.

Pipa is reminiscent of Ibiza in the 1950s, with its friendly inhabitants, respect for the environment and general harmony between all those who live there, with a mutual respect between people of all races and customs, living in peace and tranquillity.

The village’s main street is home to the majority of its businesses, bars, restaurants, and stalls run by locals who sell quality hand-made jewellery, paintings, etc. Pipa is infused with an artistic and creative spirit which is felt wherever you go, making it a place for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Pipa’s nightlife is one of its many attractions, as it offers a perfect combination of lively bars, nightclubs and live music by Brazilian and international groups, with excellent restaurants specialising in all types of food.

Security: Contrary to large cities such as Rio, Salvador or Sao Paulo, the state of Rio Grande is not subject to problems of violence or vandalism, and Pipa in particular is one of the safest places in Brazil.

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