The Serhs Villas da Pipa Hotel in the heart of Pipa Beach

Pipa is located in Tibau do Sul region, which lies within the state of Rio Grande do Norte in Northeast Brazil.

The hotel comprises 22 houses built in the area’s traditional architectural style, and maintains a perfect balance between man-made structures and nature.

Comfort: Individual villas with 2 double suites, with full bathrooms in each one

Privacy: Private garden, swimming pool and barbeque in each villa

Service: Services designed to make every guest feel at home

Entertainment: We offer a great number of unforgettable activities

Pipa is a nature reserve located to the south of Natal (Northeast Brazil), where the flora and fauna is exceptionally well preserved. Here, nature in its purest form gives us the opportunity to take trips in buggies, on horseback, by boat or on foot. You can go surfing, take fishing trips, watch the dolphins swim, and much more.

Serhs Villas da Pipa Hotel, as well as proudly boasting the area’s best accommodation, can also arrange or advise on all these activities.